sh404SEF® Feature Highlights - Joomla SEO and more

sh404SEF® is a feature-rich extension that redefines Joomla SEO (Search engine optimization), security and analytics in numerous areas such as:

Joomla SEO & analytics all-in-one

By utilizing the features of sh404SEF® listed below, you will have the power to improve your search engine ranking and get more traffic to your site using the very latest SEO techniques such as canonical URLs and frictionless social sharing.

SEO features include:

  • view your Google Analytics dashboard in the Joomla administrative backend to keep a close eye on traffic volume and referral sites
  • remove duplicate URLs, a common problem with Joomla web sites
  • get the shortest, most significant urls for your site and your web rankings
  • generate 'human ear friendly' URLs
  • quickly and easily add social media buttons to your entire site (see more below)
  • monitor social sharing of your content in the Joomla administrative backend
  • create unlimited short URLs for any page
  • automatically generate tiny URLs for your content in the Joomla administrative backend
  • customize the page title and page description
  • automatically emphasize all your article titles with "Heading tags"
  • satisify many of the Google recommendations for search engine optimization with just a few clicks
Reliable and trusted by hundreds of thousands

sh404SEF® is the most popular Joomla SEO extension with more than 80% of the market share.

It is also an 'Editors Pick' on the Joomla Extensions Directory and is used on hundreds of thousands of web sites around the world. *

Thus, sh404SEF® is the most reliable and trusted tool used to optimize your Joomla web site for maximum search engine ranking. 

80% Market Share

* Usage estimated based on download frequency and analysis of search engine result Source for above graph: .

Security & peace of mind built-in

sh404SEF® is an excellent addition to your security protocols and helps protect your site from common exploits.

The list of exploits sh404SEF® helps protect from includes:

  • cross-site scripting attacks (XSS)
  • malicious page requests
  • flooding attacks
  • robots spamming input forms such as the contact page (using Project Honey Pot)
  • site access from suspicious domains (using IP address white listing and black listing)
  • identification of site software using the 'meta generator' tag

In fact, many users implement sh404SEF® for security purposes only as these features may be activated independently of the URL re-writing features.

Comprehensive social sharing tools

As search engines evolve to incorporate new trends and technologies, so too does sh404SEF®.

Social sharing has never been more relevant for on-site SEO. sh404SEF® now ships with a comprehensive suite of tools to maximize the impact of frictionless social sharing on the search engine ranking of your content.

Features include:

  • An integrated set of social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ that can be placed anywhere on your site.
  • Tight integration with Open Graph, the sharing protocol from Facebook. It allows Like, Recommend and other passive actions to appear in your Facebook and Google+ activity streams.
  • Automatically adds important Open Graph tags such as name, location and contact information to your content
  • Monitor content sharing directly in the Joomla administrative backend or on Google Analytics.
  • Identifying the most socially engaging content on your site to help guide content creation.
Retains visitors and locates content on-the-fly

Anyone who surfs the web has run across the dreaded "404" error page. When I see a 404 page, I know I have a long hunt ahead of me for the information of interest and usually abandon the search and go back to google. This is a pretty common response and thus 404 errors are widely considered the fastest way to drive traffic and customers towards your competitors.

sh404SEF® knows the value of obtaining and maintaining traffic and every copy of sh404SEF® ships with a comprehensive 404 error management solution (see screenshot). We've based our solution on the fact that most 404 errors result from moved/renamed content (remember, Joomla creates SEF URLs dynamically so a link to an article is dynamic) or typographical errors by end users or third party authors who create links to your web site. Thus, the three major features of our 404 solution are:

  1. create static URLs for your content
  2. suggest relevant URLs using SOS, our novel URL matching technology
  3. customize your error page to match the context of your web site

The screenshot below best illustrates both the contextual improvement (i.e. a sport theme) and the suggested URLs on the sh404SEF® error page.

sh404SEF® error page with suggested URLs

A focus on standards and useability

The best web sites take web standards very seriously and so do we. Using sh404SEF® you will improve your site navigation, HTML best-practices and mobile-awarenes of your web site via improved standards compliance.

Features which improve standards compliance and web development best-practices include:

  • automatically emphasize all your article titles with "Heading tags"
  • customized error pages with relevant links and other info
  • automatically indicate the links on your site that lead to external sites with a small icon
  • automatically convert table-based ouput of core Joomla extensions to the preferred tableless HTML
  • automaticaly detect visitors on mobile devices and switch templates
Widely supported by the top Joomla extensions

sh404SEF® is one of the oldest continually-developed extensions for Joomla and has become very popular in the community.

It currently supports many of the most popular Joomla extensions including

Numerous 3rd party developers have also created plugins for sh404SEF®. You can browse these plugins in the sh404SEF®-specific category on the Joomla! Extensions Directory. In addition, the hundreds of JoomSEF and AceSEF (Joomla 1.5) extensions can be used with sh404SEF®.


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