Backups, upgrades and security monitoring for Joomla

By giving you the power to manage all of your Joomla web sites in one convenient location, Watchful saves you time and ensures that critical maintenance tasks are implemented consistently and thoroughly.

The service includes powerful monitoring tools, seamless software updates, scheduling and monitoring of backups, a malware scanner, a security and best-practice audit tool, a remote installer, and flexible report builder.

Backup, upgrade and monitor up to 5 sites with the free 30-day trial.

Get the free Watchful Trial - no credit card required.

Package includes:

  • Manage up to 5 sites
  • All features included for 30 days
  • No commitment
  • No credit card

The FREE trial of Watchful allows you to test the service and all the features for up to 5 web sites for 30 days with no commitment and no credit card required. Give it a shot today and see how you can save time and money managing your Joomla web sites! 


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