RSVP Feature List

Robust form engine

Part of what makes I’ll Be There RSVP so easy and flexible is the form engine that lets you build robust registration forms including custom fields with just a few mouse clicks. We’ve included an intuitive drag-n-drop interface for creating forms that’s allows you to easily add, remove or re-order all of your custom fields.

Recycle venues, custom fields and registration forms

Unlike some RSVP solutions for Joomla, we’ve built I’ll Be There RSVP to be very efficient. For example, if you create a custom field such as “Age”, this can be used in any registration form. The same is true for your event venus: Once you’ve entered the details for a venue, it can be selected when creating events. This is ideal when classes or meetings take place in the same location.

Integration with popular Joomla extensions and anti-spam services

Like you, all of us here at Anything Digital LLC build web sites with Joomla and are often frustrated when extensions don’t play well together. That’s why I’ll Be There RSVP ships with integrations for sh404SEF®, Community Builder and JomSocial. These integrations allow I’ll Be There RSVP to seamlessly integrate with your existing website.

In addition, we’ve included a reCaptcha plugin so that your registration forms are protected from spambots.

Additional Feature Highlights
  • Create and display list of upcoming events
  • Allow users to RSVP for events
  • Create custom fields for attendees to complete when registering
  • Protect registration forms from spambots
  • Send customizable confirmation e-mails to event registrants
  • Send customizable notification e-mails to site administrators
  • Configure multiple venues for rapid creation of new events
  • Venue addresses integrated with Google Maps
  • Drag-n-drop custom fields to create robust registration forms
  • View current list of registered events on the frontend and backend
  • Utilize Community Builder profile information to pre-populate customs fields during event registration
  • Allow registered users to update their event registration information
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