Upgrading from a previous version

Upgrading from RSVP 1.x is a seamless process that retains your existing events and settings. However, custom fields and registration forms are now managed independently from any individual event and will need to be reviewed.

To upgrade from RSVP 1.x:

1. Back-up your site and test your backup before proceeding.

2. Install the latest version as described in the main installation article. The post-install screen should show some clean-up processes required for the upgrade.


 3. Delete any existing RSVP menu items.  Re-create these menu items as appropriate.


4. Review your custom fields in I’ll Be There > Custom Fields. Ensure the desired parameters for each field have been retained during the upgrade.

5. Review your registration form(s) in I’ll Be There > Registration Foms. Ensure that the custom fields are set to display on the appropriate forms (see more details on creating registration forms elsewhere in the User Manual).

6. Open the Event Manager by selecting I’ll Be There > Events. Edit each event and ensure that a registration form has been selected in the event parameters.

7. Test event registration on the public frontend of your web site. 

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