Events management

Creating and maintaining events is generally one of the final steps in using I’ll Be There RSVP as this process is most efficient when categories, venues, custom fields and registration forms have already been customized.

To create an event:

1. Open the Events manager by selecting I’ll Be There > Events.

2. Select New in the toolbar at the top-right of the Events manager screen to open the Events editor.

3. Complete the Event Details fields on the left:

  • Enter a Title for the Event - Write here the title of the event you want to create
  • Alias - Write here the alias of the event you want to create ( this is auto-completed if left empty)
  • Category - Chose the category were you want your event to appear
  • Description - Write a description for your event so that people can have more details about your event

4. Adjust the Parameters of the event:

  • General parameters
    • Status - this field is displayed for informational purposes only and is adjusted dynamically based on the date of the event and the number of registrants
    • Event Host - Select the user who is hosting the event.  To appear in this list,  a user must have a group access level of “author” or higher.
    • Publish - Indicates whether this event is Published.
    • Start Date - Date on which the event begins.
    • Start Time -  Time on which the event begins.
    • End Date -  Date on which the event ends.
    • End Time -  Time on which the event ends.
  • Registration parameters
    • Registration Form - Select the form that users will complete when registering
    • Start Date - Date to Start accepting Registrations.
    • Start Time - Time to start accepting Registrations.
    • End Date - Date to finish accepting Registrations.
    • End Time - Time to finish accepting Registrations
    • Max # Registrations - The maximum number of registrations allowed for the event. Once the maximum is reached the Event Status (see General parameters, above) is changed to Full.
    • Availability - Indicates who is allowed to register for events. The Use Global optoin will respect the availability settings in the Global Configuration 
  • Venue parameters
    • Select an existing venue (Common Venue) or manually enter the venue details.

5. Finalize the changes by selecting the Save button in the toolbar at the top-right of the Events editor screen.

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