Future-proof your multilingual web site with Josetta® - the fastest and easiest translation solution for Joomla 2.5 and beyond

Translation is one of the remaining technological hurdles in delivering the web to the widest possible audience. 

For years, Joomla and Mambo users have struggled to internationalize their web sites with third-party solutions. 

But with the release of Joomla 2.5, multilingual capabilities are now built right into the Joomla core. 

While third-party solutions are no longer necessary, translating Joomla content remains a tedious, error-prone and time-consuming task for web site administrators.

This is especially true when one considers the management and training of medium-to-large sized translation teams.

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Meet Josetta® — Joomla translation made easy

To solve this problem, we created Josetta®, the translation manager for Joomla 2.5 and beyond. 

Our goal was to create a translation solution that allowed anyone to contribute translated content — especially those with limited Joomla experience. 

To achieve this, we built a dedicated, streamlined interface on the Joomla frontend just for translation. 

As shown in the screenshot above, once a translator logs in, they can start translating articles, menu items, categories and other native Joomla extensions in just a few clicks. 

Native Joomla content releases you from vendor lock-in

And since Josetta® creates native Joomla translation, you can be assured that these items will be easily migrated to newer versions of Joomla as they become available. 

You won’t be locked-in to a software product from a specific vendor and you won’t need to wait for a new version of Josetta® to upgrade your site!

And Josetta® is not limited to just translating the core Joomla extensions.

Any component that uses the Joomla multilingual system can use Josetta® and we are working with the developer community to encourage the use of Joomla’s multilingual features.

More for less

Since Josetta® uses the native multilingual features of Joomla, there is no performance overhead when you are displaying translated content to a visitor on your web site.

Other translation solutions for Joomla require extra database tables and sometimes twice as many database queries to display translations.

If that sounds a bit technical, it simply means that other third-party solutions can significantly reduce the performance of your web site.

Since page load times are an important factor in how your site ranks in search engine results, using Josetta® will maximize the performance of your multi-lingual web sites and thus further optimize your web site for search engine ranking. 

Assisted translation for high productivity

One way to reduce translation time is to use automated translation services.

Although these services can never replace real human translators, they are accurate enough to be used to create translation templates for a number of languages.

By using an automated translation service, a translation template can be generated in just a few seconds with all the formatting and other elements such as images and hyperlinks retained.

Since the formatting is retained, the translator can focus specifically on translation and edit the template for accuracy and quality.

This method often significantly decreases translation time and with Josetta®, it is a standard feature available in real-time directly within the translation interface (see below).

To use translation templates, you will need a free Microsoft Translator account from the Azure Marketplace. The service allows for up to 2,000,000 translated characters per month. Web sites exceeding this cap can simply purchase more capacity as needed.

Josetta® reduces translation time with automated suggestions

It’s finally here!

Today we are excited and proud to announce the immediate availability of Josetta®.

A Josetta® subscription includes software updates for one year, full product documentation, instructions on how to set up your web site for multilingual translation and most importantly technical support from the professional staff on our forum.

The 12-month Josetta® subscription can be purchased from our app store for just $27.

Buy now Price Duration Support Documentation
$49 USD 1 year Yes Yes

We look forward to your feedback on this revolutionary new tool, Josetta®, the translation manager for Joomla.

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Last modified on Jul042012
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