Josetta® Feature List

Core features of Josetta® include:
  • Create, edit and manage Joomla translations from the frontend and backend of your Joomla multilingual web site
  • Dedicated Joomla translation screen with an intuitive layout
  • Display a list of source language content on the front-end
  • Create a Joomla translation of each content item with just one-click
    • Automatic links created and maintained between translated content and the original articles
    • no copying and tracking articles for each language, perhaps the most difficult task when translating content in the traditional fashion
    • for websites with greater than 2 languages, multiple translations can be created simultaneously using the Joomla multilingual editor
  • All translatable Joomla content is supported
    • articles
    • menu items
    • categories
    • weblinks
    • newsfeeds
    • contact
    • modules (all types)
  • Content filters provided for easily locating content
  • Easy to setup, just add translators to the Josetta® user group.
  • Translation statistics displayed in backend with a simple log of which user translated what content.
  • Equally useful for translation teams of 1 or 100 people and Joomla multilingual websites with 2 or 200 languages
  • Translation of content is based on plugins
    • Plugins for Joomla default content types are provided
    • Any extension compatible with Joomla native multilingual system can be translated with Josetta®
    • In most cases, supporting an extension is as easy as writing an xml file, though more complex code can be written if required
Pro features of Josetta® include:
  • Migrate categories, sections, articles and menu items from Joomfish/Joomal 1.5
  • Automates translation suggestion with Bing Translator
    • Bing translator is the only free-of-charge translation API available.
  • Fine-grained control ACL()of what language each user has access to

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