Josetta® Changelog

Josetta® version 2.x

[ 2014-01-16 ] Version

[chg] Updated various language files
[chg] Make sure default ACL record is written to database upon installation
[chg] PHP 5.4.21+ compat: fatal error in plugin
[chg] Josetta® jump admin module does CSS change, to match other admin modules
[chg] J! 3.2 compatibility (Fatal error when creating JTable)

[ 2013-11-01 ] Version

[chg] J! 3.2 backward compatibility break: database replace prefix now requires string to be namequoted
[chg] Updated shLib to 0.2.5, for Joomla! 3.2 compatiblity (breaks backward compatibility)
[bug] Notice display on PHP 5.4.+

[ 2013-08-07 ] Version

[bug] First attempt to install free version over full version fails, need to install again

[ 2013-07-30 ] Version

[chg] Updated front-end css to accomodate low-width devices. Thks
[chg] Allow extensions to not have any publish field
[chg] Custom fields created by plugins now get access to current translation target language
[chg] Replaced flags in translate page tabs title with 2-letters language code
[chg] Removed flags on main translator page, replaced with two-letters code
[chg] html tag not closed in langauge string
[chg] Updated Russian and Dutch translations, minor changes to other translations
[chg] Typo in English language string Fixes #99
[chg] Added handling of Joomla 3+ various associations types
[chg] Articles and category helper now also delete item associations in Joomla! table
[chg] Added a helper to read menu or item association setting, J2/J3 independant
[chg] Adjusted copy of articles model to J3
[chg] Adjusted copy of menu item admin model for J3 compat
[bug] Translator view search box doesn't work for extensions which title column is not named "title". Thanks Julien.
[bug] Per menu item module assignments are not saved fixes #120
[bug] Article categories and article category modules do not allow multiple category selection
[bug] Menu items assignment are not saved when translating a module
[bug] French translation causes javascript error on main page Fixes #108

Josetta® version 1.x

[ 2012-11-28 ] Version

[bug] Joomfish importer needed adjustment to operate with new multi-tab user interface, could not import data any more
[bug] Translation stats not loaded in backend

[ 2012-10-14 ] Version

[new] Now translating menu modules
[new] Added compatibility class for plugins written for previous versions of Josetta®
[chg] Added a delay before closing translation window, when messages are displayed
[bug] Use existing content shows category in All & default language instead of All & translation target language
[bug] Text inside WYSIWYG editors is only collected for Joomla! regular content

[ 2012-10-12 ] Version

[new] Now translating all languages in one go, in separate tabs
[new] Added Joomla! version check before installing new version
[new] Added management of shared resources (such as shLib) across several extensions
[new] Added admin module to easily jump back and forth from backend to Josetta® frontend translation page. Frontend translations dashboard can be displayed either in a popup or in a separate window/tab
[chg] Updated Swedish translation
[chg] Updated Italian translation
[chg] Updated Hungarian translation
[chg] Updated French translation
[chg] Updated Spanish translation
[chg] Now translating all languages in one go, in separate tabs
[chg] Now going to log-in screen instead of displaying information message when trying to access Josetta® translation view while not logged in
[chg] Now make several attempts at connecting update server, as some web sites may load mootools and execute page script slower than our update server responds, thus generating display errors
[chg] Increased display speed of front end items list, by using less database and more memory
[chg] Added workaround for Joomla! bug when displaying menu items for category and articles blog views
[chg] Avoid CSS class conflict with K2, would make Josetta® filters disappear on a K2-powered site, as K2 loads its own CSS even on non-K2 pages
[bug] Possible notice display when no content is available for translation

[ 2012-06-27 ] Version

[chg] Added application/x-zip mime-type to Joomfish importer zip file types list, needed for some servers
[chg] Added default value to menuordering field, if missing in Joomfish imported data
[chg] Improved translator user interface, based on work by Ph. Marty,
[bug] During installation, while copying Joomla!-created associations to Josetta® associations table, a duplicate key error may happen under some circumstances
[bug] Select existing content popup window doesn't show available content in the right language

[ 2012-05-29 ] Version

[new] Added Estonian language (OpenTranslators)
[chg] Updated Romanian translation (Internal)
[chg] Updated Hungarian translation (OpenTranslators)
[chg] Updated French translation (Internal)
[chg] Updated Spanish translation (Internal)
[chg] Updated German translation
[chg] Improved protection against duplicated items in Joomfish imported data, causing Joomla! 2.5 to choke when saving the items. Same for missing title translation. Title is now recreated based on original language item title
[chg] Better protection against untranslated aliases (accepted in 1.5, rejected in 2.5). Now checking aliases across all languages as well
[bug] Prevent display of notice error if Bing translator is not responding

[ 2012-05-10 ] Version

[chg] Added protection against invalid content items data coming from older, unsupported, Joomfish version
[chg] Added protection against invalid menu items data coming from older, unsupported, Joomfish version

[ 2012-05-09 ] Version

[new] Added Joomfish data importer, to import original articles, categories and menu items as well as their translations from Joomfish-based multi-lingual Joomla 1.5.X sites. Created a companion Joomla! 1.5.x export component to extract data from the original site
[new] Added Hungarian translation
[new] Added German translation
[chg] Changed translation suggestion url from json to raw, to avoid Joomla! default .htaccess inconsistency
[chg] Updated Spanish, FrenchDutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Swedish translations
[chg] Protection against notice message, when author does not exist on new site (after an import)
[bug] Not checking properly discrepancies between Joomla and Josetta® menu items associations, may generate unneeded messages when saving a translated item
[bug] Missing upgrade tag in atomic_josetta template. Would cause an error message to be displayed when updating Josetta® to a new version
[bug] Installation script may display an error during installation, while copying existing menu associations
[bug] Incorrect language code for Swedish language files

[ 2012-03-31 ] Version

[chg] Now hiding Home page menu item in All language from translator page
[chg] Updated all manifest files to be only Joomla! 2.5+ compatible
[chg] New version check script now compares down to the build number
[chg] Improved Josetta® getting started help text
[bug] Error on installation on new systems

[2012-03-30] Version

[new] Improved interface, can now select items to display based on whether a translation has been started or completed
[new] Users can now be put in per-language Josetta® user groups, so that they can only view and translate one or more specific languages
[new] Association and metadata table now store language information, for future user interface improvement. Data is updated when upgrading an existing installation
[chg] Strict standards compatibility
[chg] Prevent selecting self as a parent category -Tracker #22
[chg] Updated languages files FR, ES, RU, RO, PT, NL, SE
[chg] Added workaround for behavior discrepancy between JCE and other editors
[chg] Reworked language files loading to allow 3rd party extensions to more easily load their own language files
[chg] Various API changes to adjust to 3rd aprty extensions requirements
[bug] Category descriptions should not be mandatory
[bug] "Featured" translated articles are not properly saved
[bug] Error message not always displayed to user when saving a menu item

[2012-03-14] Version 1.0.3

[Chg] Initial release.
[Chg] Full languages for EN, ES, RO, NL, SE, RU and FR
[Chg] Partial translations for PT, IT, DE.

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