Using JCal Pro® as community events resource for the Joomla project

For almost every community, the ability to meet and interact is often one of the most important ways that people share ideas and achieve their goals.

These meetings can be online using the plethora of tools available these days or they can be face-to-face meetings such as J and Beyond, the upcoming Joomla developer conference.

Critically, the ability to coordinate and promote these meetings and events can often mean the difference between a successful, growing community or an disconnected, stagnant one.

Thus, in both our volunteer work and professional projects, we generally recommend the use of a calendaring solution like JCal Pro® to facilitate group interactions.

We were very honored then when JCal Pro® was chosen by the Joomla project for the development of their most recent on-property resource — the new Joomla Events web site.

The mission of the Events site is to help Joomla users around the world find local Joomla meetups such as User Group meetings, Joomla Days and official Joomla conferences.

In just 2 days the site has received many submissions and on the site homepage you can see lots of events around the world using the new Locations feature we introduced recently.

We are also using the a geolocation feature to quickly identify events that are close to your location, as well as quick links for User Group meet-ups, Joomla Days and official Joomla conferences.

Something for everyone

If you have not had a chance, please take a moment to explore the new Joomla Events web site to find an event near you.

If you don’t find an event close to home, we’ve also got lots of resources on how to start your own User Group and organize a Joomla Day.

Finally, for those already managing a Joomla event, please be sure to sign up for an account at the new site and submit your event so you can start attracting new users directly from


On behalf of all of us at Anything Digital, I want to thank the Joomla project for putting their trust in us and our work.

In addition, I want to specifically recognize my outstanding colleagues on the Events Team: Robert Deutz (OSM member and Events Team lead), Mike Carson (Joomla Showroom) and TJ Baker (Joomla Shack). Jeff Channell — the lead JCal Pro® developer — was also critical to implementing the project. Without their determination and hard work, none of this would have been possible.

I hope to see you all at a Joomla event soon, including our very own User Group Milwaukee!

Last modified on May042012
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