JCal Pro® Released

Today we are proud to announce the immediate availability of JCal Pro® 3.2.5 (build 2721), which is fully compatible with Joomla! 2.5 and 3.1!

This is a maintenance and feature release.

This release includes fixes for various reported issues and adds several features.

Most notably this release introduces compatibility with the new Joomla 3.1 Tags feature, as well as refinements in the responsive Inspired theme, new event display options is Monthly Views, and the ability to enter End Times as an option for event duration.

Be sure to check our blog for JCal Pro® related post exploring some of the advanced features of JCal Pro® 3 so that you will be able to take full advantage of your subscription.

Changelog Updates:

[new] Option to hide/show icons in month layout
[new] Option to hide/show times in month layout
[new] Added end time as an event duration option
[new] Tags support for event categories
[new] Tags support
[chg] Edit forms brought more in line with standard 3.1.x layouts
[chg] Refined event display in Inspired
[chg] Category mode shows past events if archive mode is off
.... plus numerous additional fixes, changes and features. 

The full JCal Pro® changelog for JCal Pro® is also available.

Last modified on May202013
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