Joomla Tags and the Joomla Calendar

In April Joomla 3.1 was released with the Tags feature that many in the Joomla community have been waiting for with great anticipation. At Anything Digital we were excited to see this feature implemented and felt it was important we integrate the Joomla tags core feature into JCal Pro® 3, the Joomla Calendar, immediately.

We are happy to be able to announce that Tags are now part of JCal Pro® 3.

What are Joomla Tags?

Tags are a simple method of organizing content without the need to provide additional categories. This provides a less formal method of classifying data without changing the inherent structure of the data.

Great, Joomla Tags simple and informal, why do I care?

In Jcal Pro 3 there already is an informal method close to Joomla Tags which is the ability to attach Secondary Categories to events. The Secondary Categories provide a way to organize events within JCal Pro® for navigational purposes. The categories method of organizing the events can be someone more complex, since Calendar Categories function as Primary and Secondary Categories, but serve different functions.

Tags are simple because they are purely informal and are used for navigation only, there are no permissions or access controls associated with Tags in any way. Because of this they do not affect any controls and you can be assured that items are accessible the same way as they are without Tags.

How does this help a Joomla site’s visitor?

Tags are a core feature that are independent of the extension. For Jcal Pro 3 categories and Joomla Content, you need to specifically select a category and you will see all event in the category related to that extension. Tags however are shared between Joomla and JCal Pro® 3 so you can use Tags to classify Calendar Events, JCal Pro® 3 Categories, Joomla Articles and Categories. Since tags are informal you can easily add multiple tags to each item, so that a user can easily navigate to items they are interested in.

A simple example of the power of Tags in JCal Pro® 3

By simply publishing the core Tag modules Popular Tags and Related Tags with our calendar, we can provide our viewer with an easy way to navigate to other events and content they she may be interested in.

Using the Joomla Popular Tags and Similar Tags modules with calendar events

We see here that under the event title we have the tags Nature and Sports (in orange as styled by the RocketTheme Leviathan Joomla template). These tags can be clicked which will list other content items and events that have been tagged with this tag. On the right we see the two modules, the Popular Tags and Similar Tags modules, which are both included in Joomla 3.

The Joomla Tag Modules

The Popular Tags module simply list the tags that have been most commonly used on the site, clicking each will bring up listings of items with the same tag.

To bring attention to the Similar Tags module it has been renamed You May Like: This module is interesting because it may be different for each event based on the Tags that have been used. The module will list items that have the same tags as those in the event that is currently displayed.

What benefit does this provide to the site?

The tags are displayed with every Joomla Article, Calendar Event and other items that have Tags attached to them. A visitor may land on an event that is no longer available but that has been tagged with an Tag that is interesting, clicking the Tag will get them a list of all the items you have to offer on your site with this tag, including Tagged Events, Articles and more.

If the user has landed on this event from a search or a referring link, she will now see that there is also another GeoCaching event at Guilford. Once she clicks on that event, the Goecaching at Guilford event may have slighlty different tags again which may cause the Similar Tags module to display additional information of interest.

The effective use of tags will reduce bounce rate and increase time visitors spend on your site, resulting in greater attendance at your events.

Tag Much?

There are many more features and configurations in the new Joomla 3 Tags component, in what creative ways have you used this new Joomla feature?

Events are fictional
Thanks to Rockettheme for the use of the template 

Last modified on May282013
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