JCal Pro® v1.5.1 is now available

A new version of JCal Pro® is now available in the downloads area. This release fixes numerous bugs from the last release and adds some great new features also.

Highlights of the new features in the 1.5.x series are as follows:

  • Backend event management including the publish and unpublish actions
  • Native Joomla! permissioning for categories and their associated events, allowing you to create private categories
  • W3C valid XHTML (Transitional) and CSS
  • Event search via the standard Joomla! search function (using a search mambot)
  • Support for importing Extcal events from database tables with 'mos_' prefixes
  • Support for the native cloakmail mambot to protect e-mail addresses from e-mail harvestors
  • Support for multiple instances of the Latest Event module
  • Ability to specify a category or categories in the Latest Events module(s)
  • Flexible support for custom ItemIDs in the Minical and Latest Event Modules
Last modified on Apr142011
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