JCal Pro® moves to a fee-for-download model

After months of struggling with this decision, we have decieded to try a pay-for-download model for JCal Pro®.

As many developers will attest, the donation model we have been using is simply not working. While a few generous folk have contributed (thanks to those BTW), there is essentialy no income from this project at the moment.

As a reminder to those not familiar with the GPL license of JCal Pro®, it guarantees "free as in freedom", not "free as in beer". To satisify the terms of the GPL, the JCal Pro® source code can now be found at http://joomlacode.org/gf/project/jcalpro/.

I hope all the current and forthcoming JCal Pro® users respect our decision, especially given the nominal fee of $5 USD we are charging.

Wikipedia has an informative summay of the GNU GPL license.

Last modified on Apr142011
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