JCal Pro® 2.1 status change

After a frantic month of bug fixing, JCal Pro® 2.1 (build 250) is nearly stable. As such, we have upgraded the development status to 'release candidate' and anticipate a stable version very soon.

The final tasks on the tracker focus on XHTML validation. This has been completed and simply needs to be committed to the SVN.

The premium JCal Pro® themes have also been upgraded to support build 250 and pass XHTML validation**.

JCP Subscribers can download the combined JCP 2.1 installer in the downloads section. Please be sure you are using a server running PHP5.2 or greater. 

** Note: while the premium JCP themes pass XHTML validation, full validation (theme + core JCP) will not be avilable until the very next (and likely stable) JCP release, as noted above.{mosloadposition comments}

Last modified on Apr142011
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