JCal Pro® 2.1 Final is now available

Today we have released build 308 of JCal Pro® 2.1. This maintenance release addresses mostly minor bugs and one moderate bug for sh404SEF® users. Although no security issues required attention in this release, we recommend that all users upgrade to this version.

JCP 2 was a milestone for the JCal project and was released for public beta testing on 15-Dec-2008 and rapidly stabilized. New recurring event options were added along with RSS feeds to the original 2.1 release which launched publicly on 3-Feb-2009. After numerous maintenance releases, build 308 marks the final release for the JCP 2.1 series. Barring any critical security issues, any new bugs found in this build will be patched in the forthcoming JCP2.2 series which is about to enter beta testing.

The premium themes for JCP2.1 have also been upgraded. Premium theme club members should update their existing themes to v2.288.3 for some minor bug fixes.

Last modified on Nov282011
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