JCal Pro® 2.1 beta 4 now available

JCal Pro® 2.1 continues it's progression towards a production-ready extension. All users of JCP 2.1.x should upgrade to this build immediately as some important bugs affecting recurring events and DST have been repaired.

Vic Drover and the development team at Anything-Digital.com 


 [2009-02-22] Version 2.1.3 (build 217)

     [bug] Bad handling of backend event input errors (tracker #15069)
     [bug] Fixed all-day recurring events creation (tracker #15085)
     [chg] Deprecated calendar description and calendar name (tracker #15104)
     [chg] Implemented ability to show only "next" occurence of events in
           calendar, as per setting available in backend
     [bug] Implemented ability to show only "next" occurence of an event in
           latest event module (tracker #15088)
     [chg] Updated help text (tracker #15105)
     [bug] Dst not handled when creating recurring events with advanced
           recurring options

Last modified on Oct062011
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