Get your print on! JCal Pro® 2.2.10 is now available

Today we released JCal Pro® 2.2.10 featuring 30 fixes and changes (the full changelog can be found here).

Users will notice a significantly improved printer-friendly view. We chose to focus the print-formatting for consistency amongst the most printer types, and so all views now print primarily black-and white. For developers, we’ve included a new print.css file in all the themes if you’d like to customize the print view and restore color.

The iCal export has been improved for both compatibility (with Outlook 2003). In addition, event descriptions are now stripped of all HTML prior to export so you don’t get any code in your desktop calendar application following import.

We’ve also updated the documentation links in the JCal Pro® backend to reflect the new JCal Pro® User Manual and clarified the types of JCal Pro® menu items that can be created.

Non-english JCal Pro® environments will note some language improvements. The spanish language file has been updated and a direct access bug in Greek and Slovak languages has been fixed.

For our JCal Pro® Theme Club Subscribers, all the themes have been updated for compatibility with the changes described above, including the new print views. In addition, three new themes are now available: Fuschia Bloom, Sky and Sunflower. These themes are included in the new Theme Pack and will be added to the JCal Pro® demo site shorty.

Last but not least, we have released a JCal Pro® editor plugin. This extension makes adding event details (or links to events) in your content article fast and convenient (full details can be found here). This plugin is now bundled with the Flex module in our Developer Pack, and is available to Theme Club, Developer and Lifetime subscribers.

Although this is not a major version release, the number of changes is significant and all users are encouraged to upgrade both JCal Pro® and any of the premium JCal Pro® themes they may be using.

Last modified on Apr132011
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