Event editor plugin gives you another way to include JCal Pro® events in your content

JCal Pro® has long had the ability to include upcoming event details in content articles. Using the content plugin, you can dynamically include event details in articles with a simple syntax. For example, for an event with id=1 you could use this code in your article:

{jcal_latest eventid=1}

The content plugin is very powerful, and includes a host of formatting options. For example, inserting the following code in your article will display the next 4 upcoming events (max_upcoming=4) from categories 1 and 3 (cat=1,2). They will be displayed in descending order (direction=desc) and the event description will be displayed (show_description=yes).

{jcal_latest cat=1,2 max_upcoming=4 direction=desc show_description=yes}

This plugin is powerful due to its many options as well as the ability to always display the most up-to-date information. For example, if you update an event in JCal Pro®, the article will dynamically display the changes with no need to edit your article.

However, for some users, and in particular on large calendars, it can be inconvenient to always be hunting for an event id to use with this syntax. To solve this problem, we’ve released a new extension, the JCal Pro® editor plugin.


The JCal Pro® editor plugin lacks the power of the content plugin, but since it sits below your editing window next to the readmore button, it is a very convenient way to quickly add event details or a link to one of the events to an article. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can choose to insert the event title, start and end dates and the event description, and no special syntax/code is required.

Selecting the events from your calendar is also very intuitive and we have provided all the filters you expect on the JCal Pro® backend including calendar, category, date range, month, year, recurring event exclusion and text filtering.

Together, the content and editor plugins are a formidable combination of power and simplicity that will improve your calendaring experience and keep your events at the forefront of your content.


Last modified on Nov262011
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