Advanced Email Manager Features of Jcal Pro 3

Two weeks ago we looked at Email Manager and Registration Features of JCal Pro® 3. While last week we interrupted the series with a post to introduce the integrations of the great new Joomla 3 Tags feature and how tagging can be used in JCal Pro® 3.

This post expands on some of the lesser known advanced features of the email manager such as multi-lingual emails, the powerful Email Tags feature, the user plugin and the email editor. Finally we will tie this all together with email notification marketing tips to increase your event attendance, and increase loyal attendees.

Joomla 3 multilingual calendar event email notifications

In order to provide a full multi-lingual experience, each of the six context based notification emails can be translated so that user’s can receive notifications in their prefered language. Jcal Pro 3 uses the Joomla multi-lingual system.

For each active Joomla language notifications can be sent based on the user’s preference. Guest (visitors that are not logged into the site), will receive all notification in the Joomla default language as set in the Joomla Administrator language manager.

Pro Tip: after adding a new language to the site, install JCal Pro® 3 on top of the existing installation. The Jcal Pro 3 installer will detect the existence of additional active languages and automatically create emails for each additional language. For any language that JCal Pro® 3 has been translated to, you will find that the default text has already been translated.

jcal admin_email_manager_dashboard_en_de

JCal Pro® 3 translations are available for:

  • Danish (Denmark) (da_DK)
  • German (Germany) (de_DE)
  • English (United Kingdom) (en_GB)
  • Spanish (Spain) (es_ES)
  • Dutch (Netherlands) (nl_NL)
  • Polish (Poland) (pl_PL) 
  • Romanian (Romania) (ro_RO)
  • Russian (Russia) (ru_RU)
  • Swedish (Sweden) (sv_SE)
  • Portuguese (Brazilian) (pt_BR)
  • French (France) (fr_FR)

Calendar event notification Email Tags plugin

Email tags provide an extremely powerful way to embed event information into calendar notifications. The tags allow database information related to the event to be inserted directly into any of the JCal Pro® 3 notification emails.

To use the default Email Tags simply click the the tag codes in the Email Manager.

jcal admin_email_editor

The default Tags are found to the right of the editor and include:

{%event.adminhref%}: Frontend Events Manager URL 
{%event.canonical.title%}: Event Primary Category Title
{%event.description%}: Event Description
{%event.end%}: Event End
{%event.fullhref%}: Event URL
{%event.qrcode%}: Event QR Code URL
{%event.start%}: Event Start
{%event.title%}: Event Title
{%registration.confirmhref%}: Registration Confirmation URL
{%registration.details%}: Registration Details
{%site.fromname%}: Sender's name
{%site.mailfrom%}: Sender's email address
{}: Site Name
{%site.url%}: Site URL
{}: User Email
{}: User Name
{%user.username%}: User Username

These tags provide access to the most commonly used event variables to provide informative notifications with detailed information about the specific events. However, additional tags can be created from other Jcal Pro fields, including any custom fields you may create for the event registration forms or event submission forms.

Including custom fields in emails

To include custom form field parameter data, simply use the tag


where example is the name of the event form field, and


To provide easy of use and ensure only approved tags can be used, the administrator must add allowed tags to the Environment Options.

Including other fields in emails

Other tags can be created in the JCalPro configuration, using named parameters of the object referenced. The debug information can be used to determine the tag codes.

To locate codes: 

  • enable debugging in Joomla’s Global configuration, then 
  • examine the output of the debug information under an event while editing an event in the JCal Pro® Event Manager
  • the tags is basically the path you discover in the debug info (prefixed by event.)
  • add the Email Tag code to the Environment Options

Note in the image below, if we want to create an Email Tag for the title of the location the Email Tag would be:


jcal admin_event_debug_info

The Calendar Email Plugin

In case someone decides they do not want any email notifications, they simply choose to disable them in their Joomla Profile. JCal Pro® 3 automatically installs a user calendar plugin. The plugin can be accessed in each user’s profile either in the Joomla Administrator or the Core Joomla User profile editor.

Joomla Editor Support

JCal Pro® 3 Email Manager supports your favorite Joomla editor so that you may create effective beautiful notification emails. Whether you use no editor at all, the default TinyMCE or my personal favorite JCE (free is great, a subscription worth every penny), you will be able to create full html emails that catch your registrants attention.

By using Email Tags and your favourite editor you can create effective notofication emails

sample email joomla seo secrets

Conclusion and Marketing Tips

JCal Pro® 3 provides an extremely flexible email manager that can be used to create personalized notifications based on the status of events.

Jessica has created a separate post titled “The elements of effective notification emails" which has some excellent tips on how you can use the methods described in this post to increase your email performance and conversion rates.

Last modified on Jun102013
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