We are happy and proud to announce that the JCal Pro® 2 codebase is now stabilized. JCP2.1 (build 273) and the associated premium themes have all been updated and are available in the download area. The changelog is also available.

I want to thank the community for all their help finding (and fixing) bugs, and of course our development team here at Anything Digital: MRJIT, septic22 and shumisha. Those guys ROCK!


After a frantic month of bug fixing, JCal Pro® 2.1 (build 250) is nearly stable. As such, we have upgraded the development status to 'release candidate' and anticipate a stable version very soon.

The final tasks on the tracker focus on XHTML validation. This has been completed and simply needs to be committed to the SVN.


JCal Pro® 2.1 continues it's progression towards a production-ready extension. All users of JCP 2.1.x should upgrade to this build immediately as some important bugs affecting recurring events and DST have been repaired.

Vic Drover and the development team at Anything-Digital.com 

JCal Pro® 2.0 beta (build 62) is now available for download.

Some of the new features in this release include:

 - Recurring event exclusions
 - Multi-lingual support via Joomfish
 - No-risk upgrade from JCal Pro® 1.5 for Joomla 1.5
 - Multi-calendar support
 - private events and private calendars
This is the first beta release for JCal Pro® 2 and is available to just 'Lifetime All Access' and 'Theme Club Pro' subscribers. Modules, plugins and themes are not yet available for this release.

Beta testers should post issues on the JCal Pro® 2.x board on the forum.

If you'd like to upgrade to one of the subscription plans with access to these releases, please use the linsk below and the following code during checkout to receive a 20% discount: jcalpro2

That's about all for now. 
Victor Drover and the JCal Pro® team

 Since stabilization of the  JCal Pro® for Joomla 1.5 codebase, we have been busy behind the scenes working on JCal Pro® 2.0. If you've followed the forums, you have some idea of the changes that are coming. However, as we have actually started the programming, a few more things have materialized that look to now be part of JCal Pro® 2.0. 

 Before I get into the feature list, some background is prudent. One of the historical limitations of JCal Pro® has always been the way in which recurring events are stored in the database. Basically, a recurring event was stored as a single record. Each time a calendar view, module or plugin was called to display events, JCal would do the following tasks:

  1. Query the events database table to find ALL (past and current) recurring events (important: ALL recurring events ever created had to be queried)
  2. Based on the recurring events parameters, mathematically create an array of upcoming events
  3. Assemble the recurring and static events and sort as required by the calendar view/module/plugin
  4. Display output to user

 Any change in the calendar view (say for example browsing to the next month) triggered this process again. Not only was this method inefficient and slow, it meant that creating recurring event exceptions (i.e. deleting one instance of a recurring series of events) would require a new database table to store a list of exceptions which would then be used to modify the arrays of events created in step 2 (above). Some users may recall that we experimented with this system of event exceptions in the now deprecated JCal Pro® 1.6.x. In addition, adding new recurring event options like the 'third Saturday of each month' was a daunting task further complicating the mathematics required to accurately populate a calendar view with events


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