How do I make or update a translation for JCal Pro® 2 ?

Follow the steps below to make a translation for JCal Pro® 2. Before starting, be sure to have a text/code editor installed that supports UTF-8.

  1. Install JCal Pro® 2
  2. Using an FTP client, navigate to the following directory on the server where your installed Joomla/JCal Pro® 2:
  3. Copy one of the existing sub-directories (for example, '/french/') to the desktop of your PC
  4. On the desktop, rename the folder from 'french' to the name of new language
  5. Open the new language folder and open 'index.php' using a UTF-8-compatible editor. Locate the '$lang_info' array on or about line 34
  6. Modify each parameter in the '$lang_info' array as appropriate. Importantly, you MUST complete the following:
    1. modify the 'nativename' parameter to the name of the language in the native language
    2. modify the 'locale' parameter to reflect the new language and the new language code. For example, change array('fr','french') to array('ja-JP','japanese') for a Japanese translation. The language naming convention [xx-XX] is made of [iso639 language code]-[iso3166 country code].
  7. Now translate the text strings from french (or whatever language you chose to duplicate) to the new language. HTML Entities should not be used. Accented characters should be entered normally.
  8. Save the file. Upload the entire directory containing your new langauge to the following location using your FTP client:
  9. Create a ZIP file containing your new language file. Post in the JCP2 forum taking care to attach the zip file to your post.

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