How do I make minical or latest events load the correct page?

JCal Pro® is designed to detect the correct page on which it should load along with any modules you may have assigned to that page. For various reasons however, this is not always possible. To solve this problem, complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure that you have created a component menu item that links to JCal Pro®.
  2. View the list of menu items in the Joomla! administrative backend and note the 'Itemid' (the last column in the menu item list) for your JCal Pro® menu item.
  3. View the list of modules in the Joomla! administrative backend. Select the JCal Pro® Latest Events or Mini-calendar module and edit the parameters. In each module, you will find an 'Itemid' field near the bottom of the parameters. Enter the Itemid you noted in Step 2.
  4. Save your module and repeat as necessary for the other module.

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