What does JCal Pro® do?

JCal Pro® is a comprehensive events calendar for Joomla with a gorgeous, CSS-based display featuring web 2.0 navigation. It is very flexible with many, many configuration and display options. As such, JCal Pro® can be configured as a single, simple calendar for personal use to a robust multi-calendar/multi-category configuration for enterprise/business/NGO use. Common examples of web sites using JCal Pro® include community calendars, performance calendars for bands/stadiums, personal shared calendars for online groups, etc.. 

In JCal Pro®, events can be organized into both calendars and categories, and can be displayed in various views such as monthly, weekly, daily, etc... In addition, JCal Pro® has an advanced recurring events system that supports even the most complex events (i.e. 3rd Thursday or every other month) and also allows the customization of individual instances of a recrurring series of events. 

Event administration is also powerful in JCal Pro®. Events can be managed from behind the Joomla administrative backend or events may be added from the public front-end. This allows for community contributions. These types of submissions are protected by the anti-spam system reCaptcha, and additional moderation of submitted events is available so that submitted events can be optionally held for administrative review and approval.


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