Using the search plugin

The JCal Pro® search plugin makes the titles and description in JCal Pro® events available when your site is searched using the built-in/core Joomla search extension or any other search extension that uses Joomla search plugins.

The JCal Pro® search plugin works out of the box without the need for further configuration.

  1. If your events are not appearing in your search results, ensure the plugin is enabled in the backend Joomla plugin manager.
  2. If you experience any issues with missing or incorrect modules appearing on JCal Pro® events when accessed from your search results page, there is likely some confusion as to the itemid that JCal Pro® is using (i.e. you may have more than one menu item for JCal Pro®). To correct this, you may set an itemid override in the JCal Pro® search plugin parameters. Choose the preferred itemid from your list of menu items, and enter this in the JCal Pro® search plugin parameters as required.

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