Using the Content Plugin

Using the Content Plugin

The Latest Events content plugin is a convenient way to embed events from your JCal Pro® calendar into your content items and thus advertise your events on your blog or other articles. The main benefits of using the plugin are:

  • rapid deployment of event details in content items
  • freeing their events from the confines of a calendar-based display.
  • auto-updating of events details in all content items by editing event details one time in JCal Pro® 

In JCal Pro® 2, we have turbo-charged this plugin to offer a wide range of display options to give maximum flexibility to end-users.


To display upcoming or recent events in a content article, simply place the following tag in your article where you want the events to appear:

  • Basic syntax (uses all plugin defaults): {jcal_latest}

Additional parameters (alone or in combination) may also be used to override the default settings:

  • cal [comma-seperated list of calendar IDs listed in the calendar manager]
  • cat | [comma-seperated list of category IDs listed in the category manager]
  • eventid | [comma-seperated list of event IDs listed in the event manager]
  • show_description [yes | no]
  • show_calendar [yes | no]
  • show_category [yes | no]
  • readmore [yes | no]
  • max_upcoming [number of upcoming events to list]
  • max_recent [number of recent events to list]
  • sort [date | category]
  • direction [asc | desc]


  • List of events by specific event ID:
    • {jcal_latest eventid=110,111,112}
  • List of upcoming events in specific calendars:
    • {jcal_latest cal=2,3}
  • List of upcoming events with description visible & the readmore link hidden:
    • {jcal_latest show_description=yes readmore=no}
  • List of the next 5 upcoming events:
    • {jcal_latest max_upcoming=5}
  • List of the last 2 recent events:
    • {jcal_latest max_recent=2}
  • List of upcoming events in categories 2 and 3, sorted ascendingly by date:
    • {jcal_latest sort=date direction=asc cat=2,3} 
  • Combination of many parameters:
    • {jcal_latest cat=1,2 max_recent=4 direction=desc sort=category max_upcoming=4 show_readmore=no show_description=yes} 

Legacy Support

The Latest Events content plugin in JCal Pro® 1.5 could only be used to specify JCP categories and had a slightly more cumbersome syntax:

  • {jcal_latest}2,3{/jcal_latest}

In this example, events from cateories 2 and 3 were displayed. All the parameters were stored by the plugin and overrides were not possible. 

JCP2.x is back-compatible with this legacy syntax so that users upgrading from JCP1.5 to JCP2 will not be required update existing articles which use the plugin.

Default Parameters

These parameters are similar to the Latest Events module and will be used if not explicitly specified:

  • Number of Upcoming Events to List -- if zero, you've got a recent events module only
  • Number of Recent Events to List -- if zero, you've got an upcoming events module only
  • Maximum Displayed Length of Event Title --in characters
  • Show Event Times?
  • Show Calendar Name?
  • Show Category Name?
  • Show Event Dates?
  • Show Event Description?
  • Show Contact Information?
  • Max Displayed Length of Event Description
  • Strip BBCode From Description?
  • Show Recurring Events?
  • Show private events?
  • Output Type
  • HTML code to separate events
  • Show Month Separators?
  • CSS Style for Month Separator
  • Text if No Upcoming Events Found
  • Title for 'Recent Events'
  • CSS Style for 'Recent Events' Separator
  • Show 'View Full Calendar' Link?
  • 'View Full Calendar' link text
  • Show 'Add New Event' Link?
  • 'Add New Event' link text
  • 12 or 24-hour Time Display
  • Days view
  • Date Format


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