Updating Recurring Events

Updating Recurring Events

When you create a series of recurring event, a parent event and a series of child events are created (see more on Event types).

If you wish to modify the entire series of events:

1. Open the Events Manager in the Joomla administrative backend by selecting Components > JCal Pro® > Manage Events from the main menu.

2. If necessary, use the filtering tools above the list of events to Hide recurring events children. This will filter the list to only show Static, Repeat (parent) and Repeat (detached) events.

3. Click the title of the Repeat (parent) event you wish to edit. Adjust the parameters as required and click Save in the toolbar at the top-right.

JCal Pro® will automatically delete all Repeat (child) events and re-create a new series of child event based on the updated parameters you entered. 

Note: Any instances of Repeat (child) events that have been deleted will be re-created when Repeat (parent) events are modified. You will then have to re-delete any unneeded deletions.

Recurring Exceptions

As noted elsewhere in the user manual, a Repeat (detached) event is an individual instance of a recurring series that is not identical to the Repeat (parent). When modifying or deleting Repeat (parent) events, you must decide wether or not to also delete the Repeat (detached) event. Deleteing or retaining these detached events is a matter of preference. These guidelines can be used to help you decide what option is best for you:

  • Site contains very few recurring events and/or very few detached events - In this case, its probably easiest to delete any detached events when modifying/deleting the parental event.
  • Site contains many cusomized, detached events with cusomtomized event details - In this case, it is easier to retain any detached events when modifying/deleting the parental event so that you do not need to re-enter all the custom event details. Please note that when the parental event is modified and the child events re-created, you will have some duplicate events: the retained detached events and the new child events. Usually, deleting the duplicate child events on these days is easier than re-entering the custom information for numerous detached events   

Details on changing the way JCal Pro® handles Repeat (detached) events can be found on the Global Settings > Environment article in the user Manual.


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