Search Engine Friendly URLs

JCal Pro® can produce search engine friendly (SEF) URLs using the core Joomla SEF or with the URL manager sh404SEF®.

  • Joomla: calendar-views/view/60707/date/2011-03-11.html
  • sh404SEF®: 2011-03-11/Dinner-with-Sam/60707.html

As you can see, sh404SEF® is specifically suited to produce more meaningful URLs than the core Joomla SEF.

To activate SEF URLs for JCal Pro®:


1. Install sh404SEF®. It is important to do this step first.

2. Install JCal Pro®. Ensure sh404SEF® is already installed.

3. Configure any SEF URL settings in the sh404SEF® backend:

sh404SEF® > Configuration > Extensions Configuration? > JCal Pro®

4. Activate URL optimization on the sh404SEF® Control Panel.

Note: If using multi-calendar and/or mulit-category menu item overrides, be sure to enabe the following parameters in sh404SEF®:

  • Insert category id
  • Insert category id

Core Joomla SEF

1. Install JCal Pro®

2. Enable the desired SEO settings in the Joomla global configuration:

Site > Global Configuration > SEO Settings

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