Multilingual support with Joomfish

JCal Pro® events, categories and calendars can be translated for use on multilingual web sites.

Joomfish is the most popular translation extension for Joomla, and JCal Pro® ships with support for this extension.

Backend Translation

1. Install Joomfish. It is important to do this step first.

2. Install JCal Pro®. Ensure Joomfish is already installed. If JCal Pro® was installed before Joomfish, simply install Joomfish and reinstall/upgrade JCal Pro®.

3. View the translation manager in Joomfish

Components > Joomfish > Translation

4. Select a JCal Pro® content element (calendar, category or event) from the content element drop-down at the top-right of the translation manager.

5. Select the language for which you wish to make a translation.

6. Translate the content as you would any other content.

Translation using Joomfish

Frontend Translation

1. Install Joomfish and JCal Pro® as described above.

2. Login to the frontend of your web site.

3. Browse to the event you wish to translate.

4. Swith to the language of interest using the Joomfish language selection module.

5. Click the Edit button to create a translation in the current language.

6. Save the event to complete the translation.


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