Latest Events Module

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This module shows an unordered list (ul, otherwise known as bulleted list) of either previous events, upcoming events, or both according to user settings.  Titles of these events are text links and may include time, date, and contact information.

Parameters available:
  • Categories - The id of the category or categories you wish to pull events from in this module,separated by comma. Found in the Manage Categories list in JCal dashboard.
  • Calendars - The id of the calendar or calendars you want the events to pull from, separated by comma.  Found in the Manage Calendars list in JCal dashboard.
  • Module Class Suffix 
  • Number of Upcoming Events to List - if zero, you've got a recent events module only
  • Number of Recent Events to List - if zero, you've got an upcoming events module only
  • Maximum Displayed Length of Event Title - in characters
  • Show Event Times?
  • Show Calendar Name?
  • Show Category Name?
  • Show Event Dates?
  • Show Event Description?
  • Show Contact Information?
  • Max Displayed Length of Event Description
  • Strip BBCode From Description?
  • Show Recurring Events?
  • Show private events?
  • Output Type
  • HTML code to separate events
  • Show Month Separators?
  • CSS Style for Month Separator
  • Text if No Upcoming Events Found
  • Title for 'Recent Events'
  • CSS Style for 'Recent Events' Separator
  • Show 'View Full Calendar' Link?
  • 'View Full Calendar' link text
  • Show 'Add New Event' Link?
  • 'Add New Event' link text
  • 12 or 24-hour Time Display
  • Days view
  • Date Format
  • Specific Itemid for displaying the module

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