Integrations tab - Settings

Currently, JCal Pro® can display events created in I'll Be There RSVP and JomSocial. In each case, clicking the link for the events in JCal Pro® directs the user to the appropriate page in RSVP of JomSocial, allowing native functions such as event registration.

No modifications to RSVP or JomSocial are required for this integration. Simply enable RSVP and/or JomSocial integration on the Settings > Integration tab of JCal Pro® and the events will automatically be displayed/integrated. In addition, you can set a number of optional parameters here that control the degrees of integration including:

  • default category color
  • categories to include/exclude
  • itemid to force integrated events to use

Integration tab - Settings

For more details, please see the dedicated areas of the User Manual for integrating I'll Be There RSVP and JomSocial events in JCal Pro®.


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