Integration with JomSocial

JCal Pro® ships with two add-ons that provide integration with JomSocial.

  • Latest Events application/plugin
  • Mini-calendar application/plugin

Both of these plugins can be used to display JCal Pro® events in your JomSocial profile.

In addition, JomSocial events can also be displayed in JCal Pro®.

Display JCal Pro® events events in JomSocial

1. Install JomSocial. It is important to do this step first.

2. Install JCal Pro®. Ensure JomSocial is already installed. If JCal Pro was installed before JomSocial, simply install JomSocial and reinstall/upgrade JCal Pro®.

3. View the JomSocial plugins here:

Components > JomSocial > Applications

4. Select the Latest Events and/or Mini-calendar applications/plugins. Configure as appropriate and publish. Pay particular attentition to the Privacy settings as these plugins are configured by default to only display your private/personal events.

Your JCal Pro® events should now be visible on the appropriate tab of your JomSocial profile on the frontend of your web site.

Display JomSocial events in JCalPro

1. Install JomSocial and JCal Pro® as described above.

2. Enable JomSocial Integration in the JCal Pro® Settings and specify any default parameters:

Components > JCal Pro® > Settings > Integrations

3. (optional) Create categories in the JCal Pro® Category Manager that match the JomSocial categories (i.e. the category names need to be identical).

This step is optional but allows you to display specific category colors in JCal Pro® for your JomSocial categories/evemts.

Your JomSocial events should now be visible in JCal Pro® on the frontend of your web site.

JomSocial Integration


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