Integration with I'll Be There RSVP

JCal Pro® ships with integration of I'll Be There RSVP, an event registration extension.

This allows RSVP events to be displayed natively in JCal Pro®. When viewing the RSVP event details, the user is directed to the appropriate registration form for RSVP. 

To integrate RSVP and JCal Pro®:

1. Install RSVP.

2. Install JCal Pro®.

3. Enable RSVP Integration in the JCal Pro® Settings and specify any default parameters:

Components > JCal Pro® > Settings > Integrations

3. (optional) Create categories in the JCal Pro® Category Manager that match the RSVP categories (i.e. the category names need to be identical).

This step is optional but allows you to display specific category colors in JCal Pro® for your JomSocial categories/evemts.

Your RSVP events should now be visible in JCal Pro® on the frontend of your web site.

I'll Be There RSVP Integration


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