Integration with Community Builder

JCal Pro® ships with two add-ons that provide integration with Community Builder.

  • Latest Events CB plugin
  • Mini-calendar CB plugin

Both of these plugins can be used to display JCal Pro® events on tabs in your Community Builder  profile.

1. Install Community Builder. It is important to do this step first.

2. Install JCal Pro®. Ensure Community Builder is already installed. If JCal Pro was installed before Community Builder, simply install Community Builder and reinstall/upgrade JCal Pro®.

3. View the Community Builder plugins here:

Components > Community Builder > Plugins

4. Select the Latest Events or Mini-calendar plugins. Configure as appropriate and publish to a tab. Pay particular attentition to the Privacy settings as these plugins are configured by default to only display your private/personal events.

Your JCal Pro® events should now be visible on the appropriate tab of your Community Builder profile on the frontend of your web site.


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