Installing a newer version of JCal Pro® (v2.0.0 - v2.2.6)

The following article should only be followed if you are currently using JCal Pro® 2.0.0 through 2.2.6. Please refer to the User Manual Table of Contents for other versions of JCal Pro®.

When upgrading this version of JCal Pro®, all your events and settings be retained. However, all instances and parameters of the Latest Events module, Mini-calendar module, Flex module and plugins (content and search) will be lost. Expert users can scroll to the bottom for instructions on retaining these modules.

Additional JCal Pro® themes you may have installed will also not be retained, so please note any customizations you may have made to the default or a premium theme.

1. Download the latest versions of the JCal Pro® combined installer, the Flex module and any premium themes that you will need.

2. Backup your Joomla site and database by standard means. Any easy way we recommend for novice Joomla users is the excellent Joomlapack extension. Advanced users should scroll down to read about additional backup options.

3. (for live sites only) In the Joomla administrative backend, navigate to Site > Global Configuration. On the Site tab, enable Site Offline.

4. In the Joomla administrative backend, navigate to Extensions >  Install/Uninstall and choose the Components tab.

5. Choose JCal Pro® from the list of installed extensions and select Uninstall in the upper right. The Latest Events and Mini-calendar modules and the Latest Events plugin should also be removed at this time.  Check the Modules and Plugins tabs to be sure. 

6. Navigate to the Modules tab, select the Flex module from the list of installed module and choose Uninstall in the upper right.  

7.Navigate to the Install tab, Browse to the JCal Pro® combined installer downloaded above. Select Upload File & Install.

8. Repeat the installation step for the Flex module. Browse to the Flex module package downloaded above. Select Upload File & Install.

9. Re-install any premium JCal Pro® themes using the JCal Pro® theme installer and reset the default theme as required. Manually re-apply any customizations to the theme.

10. Navigate to Extensions > Modules. Configure and publish any JCal Pro® modules as apprpriate. Repeat the procedure for the JCal Pro® Latest Events and Search plugins.

11. (for live sites only) In the Joomla administrative backend, navigate to Site > Global Configuration. On the Site tab, disable Site Offline

The upgrade process is now complete.

Advanced Users

It is common for sites with large JCal Pro® calendars to use many instances of the Latest Events and Mini-calendar modules. If you would like to preserve the module instances and their individual parameters (i.e. links to menu items, specific user positions, specific JCal Pro® categories) during the upgrade process, use phpMyAdmin or a similar tool to export the following tables from your database before staring the upgrade process described above:

  • jos_modules
  • jos_modules_menu

After completing the upgrade process above, import the data from these tabes back into your database.


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