Installing a newer version of JCal Pro® (v1.5)

The following article should only be followed if you are currently using JCal Pro® 1.5.x and upgrading to JCal Pro® 2.x. Please refer to the User Manual Table of Contents for other versions of JCal Pro®.

JCal Pro® 2.x features a 'risk-free' upgrade process. This means that you can upgrade to version 2.x without affecting the events and configuration of version 1.5.x. Both versions cannot be installed at the same time, however. Thus, use the following procedure to complete the ugrade to JCal Pro® 2.x and roll-back to version 1.5.x if necessary. Note however that modules and themes are NOT retained during the upgrade.

 Before starting the upgrade, make a full backup of the files on your site and your database. I cannot stress how important this is. Please note also that this FAQ only applies to Joomla 1.5.

 Let's get started.

  1. Did i mention how important it is to back-up all the files and the database before proceeding?
  2. Make a separate file back-up of any customized themes you may have installed. Note that themes for JCal Pro® 1.5.x are not compatible with JCal Pro® 2.x. You will have to port your changes to your 1.5.x theme using the default 2.x theme as a starting point.
  3. In the Joomla backend, use the Joomla module and plugin/mambot managers to view and take note of any customized parameters. These parameters will NOT be saved during the upgrade process.
  4. (Optional but strongly recommended for production sites) In the Joomla backend change the status of your site to ‘offline’ in the Global Configuration.
  5. In the Joomla backend use the Menu manager to unpublish the existing JCal Pro® component menu item.
  6. In the Joomla backend use the Components > JCal Pro® > Show Themes menu item to change the default JCal Pro® theme to ‘Default’.
  7. In the Joomla backend use the Components > JCal Pro® > Install Themes menu item to uninstall any themes (the Default theme cannot be removed).
  8. In the Joomla backend use the standard Joomla installation interface to uninstall the JCal Pro® component and any JCal Pro modules/plugins.
  9. Install  JCal Pro® 2.x using the standard Joomla installation interface. The JCal Pro 2.x installer package contains all plugins, modules and extension-specific add-ons (such as the sh404sef add-on and joomfish content elements) making installation and upgrade to future 2.x versions very straightforward. (modules and plugin settings will also be saved when upgrading to future JCal Pro® 2.x version).
  10. Create a new menu item pointing to JCal Pro® (see this FAQ for more details).
  11. In the Joomla backend, use the Joomla module and plugin managers to re-apply any customized parameters you noted above. These extensions are 'unpublished' by default, so at a minimum you may need to change their status to 'published'.
  12. In the Joomla backend change the status of your site to ‘online’ in the Global Configuration.
  13. Test JCal Pro® 2.x on the frontend using the default theme to ensure it is working as expected.
  14. Set your local time zone, select Components > JCal Pro® > Edit Settings > Environment and select the correct timezone from the menu.
  15. To import your categories and events from JCal Pro® 1.5.x, select Components > JCal Pro® > Import in the backend using the menu items at the top of the page and follow the on-screen instructions. Depending on your events, you may need to delete and recreate some or all of your imported events.

Rolling back to JCal 1.5.x

 If JCal Pro® 2.x is not your cup of tea, you can easily roll back to your original configuration with all your events unaltered. 

  1. Uninstall JCal Pro® 2.x using the backend Joomla installer.  This will remove all the plugins, modules and extension-specific add-ons.
  2. Re-install JCal Pro® 1.5.x including any appropriate extensions, modules and plugins.
  3. Re-apply the module/plugin parameters you noted above.
  4. Re-publish the original (1.5.x) JCalPro menu item

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