Environment Tab

Environment Tab

The Environment tab of the settings contains some diagnostic information about your JCal Pro® installation, as well as a few important parameters.

The diagnostics include:

  • Current theme - as specified in Components > JCal Pro® > Show Themes
  • Current default Joomla language - as specified in Extensions > Language Manager
  • Current default JCal Pro® language - auto-detected based on the the default Joomla language
  • Current Locale setting - as specified on the server
  • Date/time in 24-hour format - current time in user timezone
  • Date/time in 12-hour format - current time in user timezone

Additional parameters include:

  • Use this timezone for DST calculation - this setting must match the timezone specified in the Joomla global configuration. This is covered in the Installation section of the JCal Pro® User Manual
  • Width of the main table (Pixels or %) - In almost all cases, this should be left to 100%. Note that the Monthly view of Joomla has a minimum width of approximately 600px.
  • Weeks start on - Specify wether weeks start on Sunday or Monday. This will affect the calendar display in Monthly and Weekly view.
  • Show past events - Toggle the display of events after they are expired.
  • Show recurrent events - Control the display of recurring events. Available options include All (display all occurrences), Next (display only the next occurrence), and No (do not display recurring instances of an event).
  • Delete parent also deletes detached recurrent events - Toggle wether detached child instances of a recurring series of events are deleted when a parenal event is deleted. More information regarding Parental and child recurring events can be found in the Events Management section of the JCal Pro® User Manual.
  • Multi-day events - Control the display of multi-day events. Available options include Show entire date range, Show start & end dates only and Show start date only.
  • Show iCal export icon in menu bar - Toggle the iCal export button in the top navigation bar
  • Show print icon in menu bar - Toggle the print icon in the top navigation bar


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