Editor Plugin

The Editor plugin for JCal Pro® is an add-on used when creating articles or other content. Using the plugin you can quickly and easily insert links to an event (or the event details) into content.


To install the Editor plugin:

  1. Download the Editor plugin.
  2. In your Joomla administration panel, go to Extensions > Install/Uninstall.
  3. Browse to the plugin package you downloaded.
  4. Select Upload File and Install.

The Editor pluginis now installed.

Editor Plugin Usage

1. Once the plugin is installed, a small icon will now appear below the content editor window adjacent to the Readmore button.

Editor plugin button

2. Click the Editor plugin to open the event selection modal popup.

Editor plugin event selector

3. Filter the list (if necessary) using the tools above the event list and select the desired event on the right.

4. Once the event is selected, choose one of the following options at the top of the window.

  • Insert link to event (optionally insert a forced itemid to use for the event link)
  • Insert event content

5. Select at least one of the following options when inserting event content:

  • Insert event title
  • Insert start date
  • Insert end date
  • Insert event description

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