Editing Themes

You may create your own unique JCal Pro® themes or edit the current themes in order to customize the display to match your site template. It is strongly recommended that you copy the default theme and modify the copied version.  You may then always return to the default theme if needed.

Before starting, backup your site and database.

1. Extract the following file from the com_jcalpro.zip (or copy from your web site via FTP) and place it on your desktop:


2. Rename the default folder to your new theme name (i.e. new_jcp_theme)

3. Rename this XML file :


to the following:


Note that the folder name and XML file name must match.

4. Open new_jcp_theme.xml in your favorite code editor. Look for this code on lines 2 and 18:

<mosinstall version="1.0.0" type="jcalprotheme" theme="default">
<filename plugin="default">theme.php</filename>

Change each line so the theme name matches the XML file name:

<mosinstall version="1.0.0" type="jcalprotheme" theme="new_jcp_theme">
<filename plugin="new_jcp_theme" theme="new_jcp_theme">theme.php</filename>

5. Update the CSS attributes as required in the following CSS file:


 Separate style sheets are included for Internet Explorer 6 and 7, and may also be modified:


6.  Update any of the images/icons in the following folder:


7. Once all the files ave been modified, add all the content of the following folder to a new ZIP archive:


Ensure that only the contents of this folder (and not the folder itself) are added to the archive.

8. Install and activate the new JCal Pro® theme using the ZIP archive as described in the installing additional themes section of the User Manual.


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