Your First Event

Events are created, deleted and customized in the Events Manager.

1. Open the Events Manager in the Joomla administrative backend by selecting Components > JCal Pro® > Events from the main menu.
jcal3 admin_events_main

2. To create a new event, click New in the toolbar at the top-right. Complete the New Event form the click Save in the toolbar.

jcal3 admin_events_new_event

The following event details are available:

Event Details:

  • Title
  • Event Description - Enter the description that will be displayed to the calendar users.
  • Location - (optional) -  The location manager is available to Jcal Pro Standard and Ultimate subscribers 
  • Primary Category - Click the Select Category button to select the primary category - The Primary category is used to define the Permissions, Access Level as well as the custom Forms that will be used for event and registration information. See Event Categories setup for more information.
  • Secondary Categories - (optional) - An event can belong to multiple Secondary Categories - These are used for display purposes only, they may affect Access Levels (who can view) but they do not relate to Permissions (who can create/edit) and Forms (what info is displayed).
  • Privacy - Select whether an event is public or private, note that administrators are able to access all private as well as public events however private events will be hidden from registered users other than the creators.

Events Date:

  • Start Time - Set the Time and Date of the start of the event.
  • Timezone - Set the timezone of the location of the event.
  • Duration
    • Set the Number of Days/Hours/Minutes of the duration of the event
    • or Select All Day if this event to last the full current day
    • or Select No End Date (Show Start Date Only)


  • Registration - Select whether registration for this event is available.
  • Capacity - Set the number of registrants will be available for the event, each registration may contain multiple registrants, leave this as 0 for unlimited.
  • Registration Start - Set the date and time that the registration period open, before this time the registration form will not be available.
  • Registration Until Start
    • Yes - Registrations will be accepted until the event's Start Time
    • No - Set the date and time when registration closes, after this time no additional registrations will be accepted from the calendar. 
    • Note that you can still add registrants manually using the Registration Manager in the JCal Pro® 3 control panel.

Administrator Options:

  • Status
    • Published - The Event is available on the Calendar
    • Unpublished - The event will not be visible on the Calendar
  • Approved- Used to moderate the events
    • Yes - The Event is approved to be Published on the Calendar
    • No - The Event has not been approved to be Published on the Calendar

Contact Information

The contact information form becomes available once you choose the Primary Category and is configured in the Forms Manager. By default a simple Contact Information form like the one below is installed.

  • Email Address - A forced field that is required and validates for email addresses
  • Website Addess - A text field without validation
  • Multi-Select List - A Multi-Select list lets you select one or more items (used Shift or Ctrl on your keyboard to select mutiple items)
  • Integer List - A sample of a dropdown that allows the select of an individual item from a predefined list

Repeat Method

  • Don't repeat this event - No recurring events are created
  • Repeat Daily
    • Repeat every x number of days
  • Repeat Weekly
    • Repeat every x week on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday
    • Note: The days of the week must match the Event Date - Start Time
  • Repeat Monthly
    • Repeat every x Months
      • on the x day of the month
      • or on the xth Day, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday
  • Repeat Yearly
    • Repeat every x years in selected month
      • on the x day of the selected month
      • on the xth Day, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday of the selected month

More details on using the Repeat Method options to create recurring events is covered elsewhere in the user manual.

3. To delete an existing event, select it using the checkbox at the left of the event title then click Delete in the toolbar at the top-right.

4. To publish/unpublish an existing event, select it using the checkbox at the left of the event title then click Publish or Unpublish in the toolbar at the top-right.  

5. To edit an existing event, click the event title, adjust the event details, then click Save in the toolbar at the top-right.


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