Using reCaptcha to block spam

Using reCaptcha to block spam

For community web sites or sites with many active users, you may receive numerous events submitted via JCal Pro®. Unfortunately, any form on the Internet such as the Add Event form in JCal Pro® is a target for spambots and fraudulent/irrelevant submissions. 

One way to reduce spam event submission is to limit submissions to Registered Users. However, it is often impractical (especially on community sites where many people are expected to sign up) to then screen all the users ad verify that they are legitimate users.

A better solution is to allow all users (even Guests) to submit events to your JCalPro calendar and then use an anti-spam service to filter out spam submissions in real time. JCal Pro® ships with a reCAPTCHA plugin to accomplish just that.

Before you begin, you will need to create and configure a reCAPTCHA account:

  1. Create a new reCAPTCHA acccount or login to your existing account.
  2. Navigate to the My Sites area and select Add a New Site.
  3. Complete the Add New Site form using the domain name of your web site and select Create Key.

If you have completed the process successfully, you will be presented with a Public Key and a Private Key. Take note of these as you will need them to configure the JCal Pro® 3 reCAPTCHA plugin.

To use the JCal Pro® 3 reCAPTCHA plugin:

  1. In the administrative back end, locate the reCAPTCHA plugin in the Plugin Manager by selecting Extensions > Plugin Manager from the main menu.
  2. Edit the plugin parameters ensuring that the plugin is Enabled and that you have properly entered the Public Key and Private Key associated with your domain. Click Save in the toolbar at the top-right.

jcal3 admin plugin recaptcha

4. Test reCAPTCHA by submitting an event from the front end of your web site.


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