Understanding Permissions, Access Levels, Ownership and Privacy

This article applies primarily to event display and modification on the public front-end of your Joomla web site. Users with access to the administrative back end will be able to view and modify all events without restriction.

JCal Pro® 3 takes advantage of Joomla's ACL (Access Control List) to manage access and permissions, ownership and privacy are part of JCal Pro® 3's event management.


User Group

  • A subset of users which can be used to define what Access Level and Permissions a user may have.
  • To set up user groups - Joomla Administrator > Users > Groups.
Access Level - aka Viewing Access Level
  • What a user is able to SEE.
  • To set up Access Levels - Joomla Administrator > Users > Access Levels.
  • When setting up the Access Level you are defing what members of selected User Groups can SEE.
  • For JCal Pro® this means what category of events a user may be able to SEE on a calendar.
  • What a user can DO.
  • Access Levels are defined depending on the extension.
  • For JCal Pro® this means for what categories a users is able to CREATE events in the calendar.
  • In JCal Pro® the owner of an event is generally the person that submits it.
  • A Private Event is only accessible by the owner.
  • NOTE: Administrators may have access to all events including private ones.


JCal Pro® is designed with a set of access controls and permissions that govern how calendars, categories and events are displayed on the public front end of the Joomla web site.

When a JCal Pro® view is requested (by clicking a JCal Pro® menu link or a link with JCal Pro® itself), the permissions of all categories are first queried. As described elsewhere in the user manual, categories can each be associated with a Joomla Access Level, as well as permission based on joomla groups.

Depending on the group membership of the user, JCal Pro® then displays events in the appropriate categories such that all access controls are respected. For example, if an event is in a category that is restricted to Access Level Registered, events in this category will only be shown if a Registered Users or a user in a higher user group is logged into the web site (i.e. the events will be hidden from Guests).

If an event is in a category that is has permissions for 'create' set to allow for Registered users, a registered user can create events in that category.

Default Permission

Default permissions are those that are assigned to a category when the category is created. When first installed the permissions are set in such a way that registered users are unable to post events. This is generally a safe default to stick with. As a rule, if you are unsure, leave the default permissions as is.

Default permissions are set in Options > Permissions

Event Access

Access levels are used in order to manage who is able to view an event. By default are users are able to see an event.

If some events should only be available to Registered users (just an example as you may create additional Access Levels) then set the Access for the category of these events to Registered.

jcal3 admin_categories_access_levels

Event Permissions

In JCal Pro®, users have the ability to modify and delete events on the front end of the Joomla web site. These privileges are assigned to specific Joomla usergroups (defaults include Guest, Registered, Author, Editor, Publisher, Manager, Administrator and Super Administrator) at a per category basis in the category setup.

In order to allow registered users to submit a new event, simply set 'Create' for 'Registered' to 'Allow' at the bottom of the Category Management.

jcal3 admin_categories_permissions

Event Ownership

When a user creates a new event, this user is called the Event Owner. For public events, the event owner attribute is mostly ignored except in the administrative back end where events in the JCal Pro® Event Manager can be sorted by Event Owner.

The main benefit of of event ownership is the ability of Events Owners to create private events (see below).

Event Privacy

When events are created, the are assigned one of three privacy settings that affect their visibility and modification on the front end of your Joomla web site:

  • Public - these events are visible to Guests and all other Joomla usergroups (in accordance to the calendar and category permissions described above).
  • Private - these events are only visible when the Event Owner is logged in.

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