Understanding Event Types

In JCal Pro®, two kinds of events exist:

  • Static Events - non-recurring events (a single event)
  • Repeat Events - recurring events (a series of events repeating in a pattern). Repeat events have the following sub-types:
    • Repeat (parent) - the first event containing the pattern and duration of the recurring events
    • Repeat (child) - an individual instance of a recurring series of events identical to the Repeat (parent)
    • Repeat (detached)* - an individual instance of a recurring series that is not identical to the Repeat (parent).

In the Event Manager, the event kind is displayed and can be used to sort events when, for example, you want to hide the Repeat (child) event types (this is useful for sites containing numerous recurring events).

* Note: When modifying or deleting Repeat (parent) events, all Repeat (child) events are deleted also (and then re-created based on the updated event parameters). Repeat (detached) events may or may not be deleted, depending on the JCal Pro® settings. This is detailed elsewhere in the user manual.

jcal3 admin_event_types


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