SEF URLs with sh404SEF® Plugin

The sh404SEF® plugin is automatically installed with the JCal Pro® 3 combined installer. The plugin allows for the configuration of URLs created by sh404SEF®. Be sure to delete JCal Pro® related URLs or purge from sh404SEF® as descibed in the sh404SEF® user manual if changes to the plugin are made.

The JCal Pro® sh404SEF® plugin can be found in the Joomla Adminsitrator > Extensions > Plugin Manager

sh404SEF® Plugin Options

  • Categories- Choose which levels of categories are used in URLs
    • All
    • None
    • First
    • Last
    • First Two
    • Last Two
  • Event Alias - Use the Alias instead of the Title
  • Category Alias - use Category aliases instead of category titles
  • Menu Item Alias - Choose whether to include the menu iten alias
  • View Name - Choose to include the view name (Monthly, Weekly etc)
  • Category ID - Choose to insert category ID
  • Date - Inserts dates in URLs
  • Date Separator - Chose whether to use a / or - to seperate date

These parameters can be set to achieve SEO as well as to avoid creating identical URLs for different views.

Do not change these settings unless you are absolutely confident that you know what you are doing.


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