Registration Manager

The Registration Manager is used to create and manage registrations. It can be used to list, export, add, delete as well change the status of the registrations.

1. Open the Registrations Manager in the Joomla administrative backend by selecting Components > JCal Pro® > Registrations from the main menu.

jcal3 admin registrations main

The following options are availbale in the Registrations Main View:


  • Export - Click to export the currently listed registrations - to export specific regsitrations use the filters to list the desired events.
  • New - Click to Add a Registration (Note if the filters have no results a "Create Registration" icon will be displayed which has the same effect)
  • Edit - Click to edit a selected registration
  • Confirm - Click to Confirm the selected registration
  • Unconfirm - Click to cancel the confirmed status of a selected registration
  • Check In - Click to check in a selected registration if another user did not exit it propperly and the lock icon is displayed
  • Trash - Move the selected registration into the trash folder
  • Options - Display the JCal Pro® Options for Views, Environment, Default Permissions and more
  • Help - Links to online documentation
  • Filter - Enter any text to search for in the registrations
  • Select Status - Slect whether to list all or only Confirmed, Unconfirmed or Trashed registrations
  • Select an Event - Use the Change Event button in order to display a single selecteded event

2. To create a new Registration, click New in the toolbar at the top-right. Complete the New Registration form the click Save in the toolbar.

jcal3 admin_registrations_new_registration

The following registration details are available:


  • Select Event - Select the event for which to register the participant.
  • Name- Select the registrar's name
  • Email - Enter an email address to be used to contact the registrant, this is also used to send the registration confirmation email to.

Administrator Option

Use these only if the registrant has a user account for the site

  • Registered User - Select the User from the site's user database
  • Confirmed - Select whether the user's account has been confirmed.
Registration Information (right column)
This area is defined by the form that is selected in the JCal Pro® option for the category to which the selected event belongs. See the Category Manager for selecting different forms.

3. To delete an existing Registration, select it using the checkbox at the left of the event title then click Delete in the toolbar at the top-right.

4. To publish/unpublish an existing Registration, select it using the checkbox at the left of the event title then click Publish or Unpublish in the toolbar at the top-right.  

5. To edit an existing Registration, click the Registration Title, adjust the details, then click Save in the toolbar at the top-right.


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