Calendar Module

The Jcal Pro 3 Calendar module looks like a small traditional calendar.  Days with events occuring are highlighted links using the page's css style.  Clicking the mini cal dates lead directly to the event, while the full calendar link appears below it if enabled.

jcal3 admin_module_calendar

Parameters available:

  • Categories - Select the category or categories you wish include/exclude in this module found in the Manage Categories list in JCal dashboard. Note Leave this blank or select 'Root' to include all categories.
  • Filter Mode - choose whether the events from the selected categories are to be included in the calendar module or excluded
  • Display Mode - Vertical creates a standard calendar view, Horizontal creates a horizontal list of dates
  • Show Add Event link - Choose whether to display a link to a new event creation form
  • Show Events Link - Select whether to include links directly to the events
  • Show Full Calendar - Select whether to include a link to the full calendar view
  • ItemID - If required set a specific itemID to control the modules to display when a link is selected from the calendar module



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