Fields Manager

The Fields manager is used to create and manage custome fields to be used used to create custom Event and Registration Forms. For details on creating and managing forms see the Forms Manager article of the JCal Pro® 3 user manual.

Fields are created, deleted and customized in the Fields Manager.

1. Open the Fields Manager in the Joomla administrative backend by selecting Components > JCal Pro® > Fields from the main menu.
jcal3 admin_fields_main

2. To create a new Field, click New in the toolbar at the top-right. Complete the New Field form the click Save in the toolbar.

jcal3 admin_fields_new_field

The following event details are available:

Event Details:

  • Field Name - The database name of the field, this is not visible by the end user
  • Title - This is the Title of the field used to name the field on the form.
  • Field Description - Enter the description that will be displayed in the tooltip when a user hovers over the field's Title.
  • Published
    • Published - The Event is available on the Calendar
    • Unpublished - The event will not be visible on the Calendar
  • Field Type - Select the type of information this field will accept
    • Checkbox
    • Checkboxes
    • Color
    • Email
    • Hidden
    • Integer
    • JcalPro Media
    • List
    • Media
    • Plugins
    • Radio
    • Tel
    • Text
    • Text Area
    • URL
  • Form Type- Select the types of forms the field can be used on
    • Any Form Type - The field may be use in all form types
    • Event Form - The field can be used in Event Form only
    • Registration Form - The field may be used in Registration Forrm only
  • Display Position- Select where the Field will be diusplayed when viewing the Event Details on the calendar.
    • Hidden - The Field is not displayed, it can be used to collect info but does not display on the event details
    • Header - See image below
    • Top List - See image below
    • Bottom List - See image below
    • Side List - See image below

jcal3 admin_fields_positions

  • Class Name - Enter an optional Call Name if used for custom styling
  • Options- Any fields that require multiple selections need to be entered here
    • Text - The Decription of the selection which is displayed
    • Value - The entry that will be recorded in the database when the option is selected
    • [+] - click to add another Option
    • [-] - click to delete the current option
    • [Arrow Up] - Click to order the option higher in the list
    • [Arrow Down] - Click to order the option lower in the list
  • Extra Attributes
    • Attribute - Enter and Atrribute to assign to this field
    • Value - Enter the Value of the selected Attribute
    • [+] - click to add another Attribute
    • [-] - click to delete the current option

3. To delete an existing Field, select it using the checkbox at the left of the event title then click Delete in the toolbar at the top-right.

4. To publish/unpublish an existing Field, select it using the checkbox at the left of the event title then click Publish or Unpublish in the toolbar at the top-right.  

5. To edit an existing Field, click the Field Title, adjust the event details, then click Save in the toolbar at the top-right.

The following samples are included in the default installation:

Email Address Field

Note that this field has the required attribute enabled.

jcal3 admin_fields_sample_email_address

Website Address Field

jcal3 admin_fields_sample_webite_url 

Multi-Select List

Note that the attributes here are selected so that it is a required field, multiple options are selectable, and up to 3 options are displayed. 5 options have been configured so a scrollbar is displayed on the form to select to 4th and 5th option.

 jcal3 admin_fields_sample_multi_select_list

Integer List

This sample uses the integer attributes First, Last and Step in order to create a list of integers without needing to list each option.

 jcal3 admin_fields_sample_integer_list

Telephone Number

 jcal3 admin_fields_sample_integer_list

More Information on Fields

The Fields for JCal Pro® Forms use Joomla's own Form Fields features, for full documentation see the link to the joomla documentation below. Some fields may not be available for use as JCal Pro® Forms.


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