Enabling the Front End

In order to function correctly, JCal Pro® must be published on the frontend of your web site. To accomplish this, you must create a menu item for JCal Pro®. By default, this menu item is typically created in the Main Menu.

In the Joomla administrative backend, go to the Menu Manager of the desired menu in which you wish to place the JCal link. For example, Menus > Main Menu > Add New Menu Item:

jcal3 admin_menu_add_new_menu_item

Choose Select next to the Menu Item Type dialog box, and select the desired JCal Pro® 3 menu item type from the list of available types. See Menu Item Overrides for details on the different menu types

jcal3 admin_menu_select_type_monthly_view

Choose your desired view. Most commonly the Monthly View is used as it display the standard full current month calendar, this is generally a good starting point.

In the menu item parameters, give your menu item a title, such as "My Calendar".

The third and final required item is to select the event categories from which the events will be displayed on this view. Often all events are to be available on the calendar in which case you can simple not select anything or select Root, the results of this will be identical. Note that you can create different calendars by selecting different event categories for different menu items.

jcal3 admin_menu_monthly_view

Change parameters as necessary and save your menu item as Published. JCal Pro® 3 is now enabled on your site's public front end. For details on different menu optis see the Menu Item Overrides article of the JCal Pro® 3 User Manual.


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