Emails Manager

The Emails Manager is used to create and manage custom notification emails. 

Email notifications can be created using the standard editors installed in Joomla. There are also Email Tags which are variables that can be included in the emails which can be used to include event information from the database in emails. For more information see the Custom Email Tags section of the JCal Pro® 3 documentation.

JCal Pro® will automatically install standard emails based on the languages that are installed on the Joomla site. When additional languages are added, new notification emails will need to be created for them.

Email Notification Contexts

Each procedure that triggers an email notification is termed a context, there are six email notification contexts.

  • Event Needs Approved (Admin) - This notification is sent to a user who submits an event which requires moderator approval.
  • Event added (User) - This notification is sent to the user when their event has been approved (ether through a moderator or through the auto-approve permission)
  • Approve Event (Admin) - The notification sent to all moderators of the category for which an event that requires moderation has been submitted.
  • Registration Confirmation (User)- This notification is sent to a registrant to confirm the registration submission in order to ensure the correct 
  • Registration Confirmed (User) - This notification is sent to the registrant after the registration has been confirmed through the confirmation link in the Registration Confirmation email or by a moderator or administrator.
  • Registration Confirmed (Creator) - the email sent to the creator of the event to notify of a new registration for their event.

Editing and Adding Notification Emails

1. Open the Emails Manager in the Joomla administrative backend by selecting Components > JCal Pro® > Emails from the main menu.

jcal3 admin_emails_main

2. To create a new Email, click New in the toolbar at the top-right.

jcal3 admin_emails_edit

The following email details are available:


  • Context - Select the type of procedure that will trigger the sending of the notification see Email Notification Contexts above for details.
  • Subject - Set the subject that of the notification email that will be sent.
  • Body - The content of the email.
  • Language - For Joomla multi-lingual sites select the language of the email.

Email Tags:

Email tags can be inserted simply by clicking on the desired tags in the list. The below list includes the standard tags that are accessible from the Emails Manager, which can be used to insert event information dynamically into the customized emails.

  • {%event.adminhref%}: Frontend Events Manager URL
  • {%event.canonical.title%}: Event Primary Category Title
  • {%event.description%}: Event Description
  • {%event.end%}: Event End 
  • {%event.fullhref%}: Event URL 
  • {%event.qrcode%}: Event QR Code URL 
  • {%event.start%}: Event Start 
  • {%event.title%}: Event Title 
  • {%registration.confirmhref%}: Registration Confirmation URL 
  • {%registration.details%}: Registration Details 
  • {%site.fromname%}: Sender's name 
  • {%site.mailfrom%}: Sender's email address 
  • {}: Site Name 
  • {%site.url%}: Site URL
  • {}: User Email 
  • {}: User Name 
  • {%user.username%}: User Username

3. To delete an existing Email, select it using the checkbox at the left of the event title then click Trash in the toolbar at the top-right.

4. To publish/unpublish an existing Form, select it using the checkbox at the left of the event title then click Publish or Unpublish in the toolbar at the top-right.  

5. To edit an existing Form, click the Field Title, adjust the event details, then click Save in the toolbar at the top-right.


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