Custom Email Notification Tags

In the Emails Manager section of the JCal Pro® 3 documentation we saw that there are Tags listed next to the Emails Editor which can be used to insert dynamic JCal Pro® information into the notification emails.

In this section we will discuss advanced methods for identifying and inserting additional tags. This is an advanced procedure not meant for end users or Joomla novices.

Tags for Custom Fields

Custom fields created in the Fields Manager can also be inserted by following the standard syntax for field based tags.

For example there is a custom field in the demo content titled "Website Address", the field name for this is "url". To include the content of this field from the event in our email we would enter


in the email editor so that the website address that was submitted with in the event's information will be entered in the email.

 jcal3 admin_fields_sample_webite_url

Including other event based Tags

NOTE: This is a developer level procedure, if you are not able to complete the process it is not supported by our standard forum support.

It is possibly to include just about any event information as an email tag, in order to do so you can discover the proper tags using the Joomla Debug information related to the events.

  1. Enable Joomla Debug mode
  2. Open an Event
  3. Search for the desired information in the event's Item slider
  4. Create a tag based on the information in the debugger
A simple example: We want to include the "You are one of the lucky XXX people that will be able to attend this exclusive backstage event" where XXX is the capacity that was set for the event.
From the debug information we see that the code for registration capacity is "registration_capacity" the code for this will be {%event.registration_capacity%} so in the email the line would become: 
You are one of the lucky {%event.registration_capacity%} people that will be able to attend this exclusive backstage event

jcal3 admin_emails_debug_event

Adding Custom Tags to the Emails Manager

In the Emails Manager section of the JCal Pro® 3 documentation we saw that there is a list of tags which can be inserted into the customized emails with a simple click.

You can add your own tags to this list if you expect them to be needed repeatedly. In order to do so simple insert the tags without the plugin codes {% and %} in Options - Tags one per line as shown below

jcal3 admin_emails_options_tags


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