Uninstalling the JCal Pro® 3 combined package

In the event that JCal Pro® 3 needs to be uninstalled, it is important that the correct item is selected to uninstall.

Uninstalling JCal Pro® 3

  • Log into Joomla Administrator
  • Select Extensions > Extension Manager
  • Choose the Manage tab
  • Select JCalPro Package (not the admin component)
  • Click Uninstall

After Uninstalling I get a white screen

If you have uninstalled the component and end up with a white screen in the administrator section of your site, it is probably due to uninstalling the component and not the whole package. Run the following query to disable the offending plugins in the database manager (phpMyAdmin):

UPDATE 'jos_extensions' SET enabled=0 WHERE type="plugin" and element="jcalpro" and folder IN ("user", "system");

then reinstall the entire JCal Pro® package, then uninstall the Package and not the Component."


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